Demonstrating API Use Cases: Website Content Feed, Google Analytics Integrations, Real-Time Shipping Tracking, and Email Management with AI

The State Changers tackled a variety of topics in their meeting. They discussed seven different use-cases and scenarios, a couple of which revolved around the use of APIs for content delivery for a radio network's website. There was an instance where data from Google Analytics was pulled to indicate trending podcast content on the site.

Texting examples, use of and ShipEngine for real-time shipment tracking, were also discussed. They delved into email management scenarios, one dealing with managing unsubscribe links, and another about labeling emails in Gmail. JavaScript, Google Analytics and APIs were mentioned but no specific technologies like FlutterFlow, Zapier, Adalo, Bubble, or OAuth were discussed explicitly. The discussion was broad, covering API use, data tracking, text and email management, and website content delivery.

(Source: Make Secrets with Andy O'Neil 9/20/2023 )

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