Designing and Implementing a Financial Tracking System Using Xano and Web Flow

This meeting primarily focused on the State Changers discussing the design and implementation of a functional financial form. The specific goal was to create a dynamic front-end form with input fields for classification (income or revenue), and amounts which would sum values and allow data addition and removal. The team used "Xano" as their back-end tool to process these inputs.

Key points from the meeting include: 1. The form structure was first mapped out in Xano where each input will be an object containing text (label) and amount. 2. The form input structure was set to a list to cater to multiple line items (representing multiple entries of income/revenue). 3. On the front end, a list repeating group will be created displaying keys and values. This repeating list will be extended according to the input coming from the user. 4. It was clarified that unless the save button is clicked, all changes happen only on the front end and no data goes to the back end. The Save button is the point where the data is sent to the back end for processing. 5. A continuous calculation feature was discussed, wherein each time a value is added, a POST request is fired to the back end (Xano), which performs the calculation and returns the updated value. This ensures that user sees updated calculations in real time. 6. The team discussed the option of using form management tools like Reform or Typeform for the front-end implementation of their form. By the end of the meeting, they had ironed out the basic structure and flow of their financial form, how it would interact with the Xano back-end, and the possibility of using external form managers.

(Source: Office Hours 12/6 )

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