Designing and Setting up API Connection - Troubleshooting Input Issues

In this meeting, the main issue discussed is the API connection for designing a page. The API connection is set up using a platform called script tag, but there is an error when the page first loads. The error is related to the inputs being passed as strings instead of booleans. The participants suggest changing the inputs to text and converting them to booleans, but this doesn't fully solve the issue. The suggestion is made to use a post request with JSON encoding instead of a get request to solve the problem. The difference between get and post requests is explained, and it is mentioned that using post requests for data manipulation is more suitable. The participants also briefly discuss the finance app and mention that they would like to ask a question about it if there is time. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the different HTTP methods and their characteristics.

(Source: Office Hours 5/10 )

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