Designing Database Structures for Compliance App in Xano: Adding Location and Department Features

This meeting of the State Changers discussed the process of integrating location and department data into their compliance app using Xano. The participants explored the challenge of translating complex business logic into functional database design. Key topics included how to associate users with varying departments and locations, the use of an intermediary 'bridge' table, and the management of company-specific user requirements. They also discussed integrating a distinct user-department relationship table for simplifying a many-to-many relationship between users and departments. The discussion delved into the process of database design using relational databases. Participants clarified concepts around managing complexities through relationship tables. They further deliberated on implementing and joining sequences to provide specific user requirement data. The discussion concluded with an agreement to revisit areas that may need further clarity or alignment with the requisite business logic.

(Source: Office Hours 5/11 )

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