Designing Schema and Caching Data for External API Calls

In this meeting, Ray is discussing the project he is working on regarding switching to support data providers. He wants to explore the idea of caching the response instead of storing the data themselves, now that they have a vendor with reasonable limitations. He shares his schema design with Cam and asks for their input. Cam supports the idea and suggests having a single source for any given truth, but not a single source for all truth. He believes that as long as they can keep track of where the information is coming from, this hybrid system can work well. He advises implementing caching if it becomes a performance concern in the future. Ray appreciates Cam's reassurance and wants to make sure they are not overleveraging themselves with a single vendor. Cam suggests using universally identifiable identifiers to maintain flexibility in case they want to switch vendors in the future. Ray agrees and thanks Cam for his input.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 4/20 )

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