Detailed Discussion and Troubleshooting on Download Issues with Custom Fonts in Flutterflow App Development

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed different aspects of troubleshooting the use of 'Flutterflow' in their applications. The primary issue discussed was a font issue encountered by one member, Camir. He noticed that in his downloadable fonts folder, only one font was available, causing some apprehension. The team suggested utilizing Flutterflow CLI to download the application's source code onto his device again as a possible solution.

There was a mention about potentially leftover requirements in the application that were causing this issue. Another team member, Nathan, shared his experience with downloading fonts, revealing that his folder contained three different font files. A suggestion was made to try and remove all references to the problematic font family so clean exports could be created. Camir shared this issue's screenshots, and the team explored possible solutions, such as removing certain lines in the YAML file or manually adding the font files. The successful Stripe CLI deployment was considered a positive step. Further, they touched upon the need for signing capabilities in iOS devices, which isn't needed in Android. Daniel reminded everyone about the importance of sticking closely to the documentation for a smoother experience with Flutterflow. The meeting concluded with plans to continue the conversation on their forum and the possibility of having additional office hours for further progress. Keywords: Flutterflow, download, font issue, fonts, CLI, YAML file, troubleshooting, deployment.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - Flutterflow Export 6/5 )

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