Detailed Discussion on Configuring Webhooks and Improving Performance with Xano, EasyLambda, Paddle, and SignWell

This State Changers meeting focused on discussing several technical issues and their possible solutions, specifically related to the use of Xano. The discussion started with the participant sharing their experience configuring logic and detailing work. They encountered problems with edge cases and errors related to timestamp formatting. The solution was found in adjusting their use of dot notation to correctly target and format timestamps in different scenarios.

Furthermore, they also explored the use of webhooks with the Paddle system. They noted differences from their experience with Stripe, with Paddle offering fewer options for routing events to specific end points. One proposed method around this limitation is to use the data received from a webhook to trigger different functions based on the event type, essentially creating a custom routing system. The integration of EasyLambda was also addressed, in particular noting its extended response time. It was clarified that EasyLambda is not designed for speed but for managing heavy processes. They discussed the possibility of improving its performance by incorporating it into Xano or a quicker Lambda in the future. The participants also touched on exploring document and signature management with SignWell and potentially building a Zapier integration to extend the functionality of their application. The meeting ended with the agreement to revisit the topic of crafting a Zapier integration after further progress and research are made. This State Changers meeting is especially useful for those interested in using Xano for scripting, handling issues with webhooks, integrating EasyLambda for heavy processes, and planning to build a Zapier integration.

(Source: Office Hours 7/4/2023 )

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