Detailed Walkthrough and Troubleshooting of Webflow and JavaScript Integration Issues

The State Changers meeting focused on diagnosing and troubleshooting code implementation issues relating to Webflow and JSFiddle. The primary problem was with an HTML embed that behaved properly in JSFiddle but veered off screen when applied in Webflow. The issue was attributed to how the HTML was being dynamically built, specifically noting the absence of CMS and Javascript.

Several technical solutions were proposed, including running the problematic code in JSFiddle, and introducing script tags to cater for missing parts. A best practice suggestion was recommended: copying and pasting code from Fiddle to Webflow, maintaining the same conditions in each platform for accurate problem tracking. An alternative troubleshooting process mentioned by the State Changers included working with templates using jQuery's cloning functionality. The meeting ended with a consensus to continue this line of problem-solving in future sessions. Major keywords used in this meeting include: "HTML", "Webflow", "JSFiddle", "Javascript", and "jQuery".

(Source: Office Hours 12/8 )

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