Detailed Walkthrough on Excluding Completed Tasks in Xano

The State Changers discussed how to exclude a list of completed tasks from the list of tasks delivered. Using Xano, they showed how to process information to be sent to the front end. They aimed to identify completed tasks for a particular organization and how to exclude those tasks from the overall list. They used various tools such as Stop and Debug for identifying errors and experimented with different methods for excluding the completed tasks. They also talked about handling large quantities of task IDs and the performance implications. Other topics were creating variables, debugging, and how to manage complex data relationships in Xano. They also discussed their appreciation for the State Changer community and its helpfulness in learning and understanding Xano better. The conversation ended with the State Changers agreeing to make the meeting and its solutions a resource for others in the community.

(Source: Office Hours Extra (B) 11/3/2023 )

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