Determining and Implementing User Geolocation for Transaction Approval in Web Applications

This meeting involves the State Changers discussing the implementation and challenges of a software feature. Key terms mentioned are "Wiz," "Zano," "console.log," "JavaScript," and "geolocation."

The State Changers are dealing with the task of requesting and using a user's current location in the browser for transaction verification purposes. The context suggests they are developing a web application where users can make payments or initiate transactions. The current issue they are trying to tackle is the effective implementation of obtaining and utilizing the user's geolocation through JavaScript, more precisely using the navigator.geolocation method. They discuss the problem of obtaining the location once and applying it accordingly. The team proposes defining a global state as part of the window object (window.myPosition = position) after receiving the geolocation. This global state could further be utilized at any stage of the user transaction where the position data is required. A challenge arises in sending this data through an API call via Wiz, and the potential use of "window.myPosition" within the API call to Zano was proposed. A subsequent point of discussion is manipulating the returned geolocation data (like taking specific properties from the position object, while dropping unnecessary ones) and where the data wrangling should occur. The conclusion involves sending whole objects and letting Zano handle data refinement to reduce frontend data wrangling tasks for better performance and cleaner code implementation. The meeting concludes with affirming the benefits of the backend managing data wrangling task and encouraging more similar practices to improve the optimization process. Near the end of the meeting, they refer to a process called KYC (Know Your Customer), which suggests this could be part of a banking, finance, or any transaction-based app development project.

(Source: Office Hours 2/13 )

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