Determining and Resolving Disk Space Issues while Testing an App with Flutter

This meeting between the State Changers revolves around trouble-shooting issues Pavel is facing with a software application he is testing, specifically FlutterFlow. The error he’s confronting appears to be unrelated to Flutter itself, but due to his computer system running out of disk space. The State Changers guide Pavel to identify that his hard drive is filled, with steps offered to figure out what is taking up that space.

The State Changers use some command lines (df -h, du -hs, and du -hsc *) to identify the drive is full and subsequently track disk usage. They deduce that the recycling bin might be the cause of the overflowing storage. Pavel finds an exorbitant number of items in the bin, during the deletion of which his available storage climbed up to 99 gigs. The meeting concludes with the understanding that the storage issue was stopping the compiling process Pavel was trying to perform. Intense disk usage by Flutter and the heavy recycling bin were highlighted as contributing factors. However, Pavel was encouraged to reach out again through their forum if further issues arise. The meeting can be beneficial for software developers, particularly those working with FlutterFlow, to understand disk space management during app testing.

(Source: Office Hours 9/22/2023 )

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