Developing a Financial Planning Tool for SaaS Startups using Bubble and Xano

The "State Changers" meeting primarily discussed ways to create a financial planning and analysis tool for SaaS startups. Elena, a non-technical participant, has identified a gap in the market for such a tool, which should handle business calculations and financial modeling, specifically cohort analyses. She plans to build it using Bubble and Asana or Xano for back-end processing.

The State Changers advised Elena to begin learning about Xano's custom and mathematical functions. They suggested she starts with simple Excel calculations and gradually moves to more complex ones, a process that would familiarize her with Xano and its features. Against the transposing of these calculations to Xano, State Changers suggested setting up tables and functions in Xano to mirror Excel's. Overall, the meeting gave valuable insights about understanding and implementing complex calculations using non-native systems for non-technical individuals like Elena using no-code tools like Xano and Bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 10/20/2023 )

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