Developing a Function to Update and Edit Database Records

This meeting was attended by several State Changers working on a project to automatically insert text snippets into a database where fields were null or contained no data. They demonstrated a function for querying all records, limiting the output to specific details, and then pushing a snippet back into a different field. They eventually want to apply this to entries with the first 300 characters of a program.

During the course of the meeting, they debugged the code on a record-by-record basis, running numerous tests to check the functionality of the software and fix any issues that emerged, such as the item not properly including the ID in its output, or the lack of validation for where a program field was blank, among others. The main outcomes of the meeting included successfully inputting text into the table, with further fine-tuning to optimize the text insertion. There was also discussion about possible future updates to the function such as applying a lowercase filter to all text. This important information was obtained through thoughtful debugging, meticulous testing, and collaborative problem-solving.

(Source: Office Hours 11/29 )

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