Developing a Notification System for Open Availabilities in Wait Lists

This meeting among the State Changers involved complex discussions on building a function to notify the next user on a waitlist about open availabilities, specifically when those availabilities might be interconnected. The primary focus was on a waitlist application involving booking functionalities. To address the issue of notifying the correct user about an opening, the participants considered various loops, functions, and data manipulations.

A significant part of the conversation concerned the identification and tracking of availabilities that might be affected by bookings, namely, the availabilities that cross over each other. The idea was to create a function that, when passed an availability's ID, would identify related availabilities. The participants chose to decompose the problem into smaller, manageable tasks, addressing each one with a specific function or code. The meeting reiterated the importance of breaking down complex tasks into simpler components to gain a clear understanding of the problem and implement more effective solutions. Technology named in the meeting included Xano, which the participants were working on. Other technologies and programming languages were referenced, though not directly used in the discussion. This process not only aids in solving the problem at hand but also ensures that the code or function stack precisely matches the desired business logic. Ideal for participants keen on understanding complex data manipulation, problem decomposition, and function building within the Xano platform.

(Source: Office Hours 11/30 )

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