Developing a Real Estate Advising Application: From Prototype to MVP with WeWeb and Airtable Integration

This meeting concerned the development of a tool to help real estate agents advise their clients - particularly buyers - on how much to offer on a property. The developers aim to create a more informative and precise recommendation system than what may be offered through a typical phone call.

The tool, presented as a Competitive Market Assessment, would direct information to buyers based on various market factors. These could include the quality of the home, its match to buyer criteria, and its relative value based on comparable property prices. Additionally, marketing area data is utilized, and users can access the tool via desktop or mobile. The existing functionality includes a dashboard where recommendations can be created or edited. Relevant property details, client and agent information, and recommended offers can be input or modified. A feature that allows comparison of properties based on chosen parameters also exists, although this isn't deemed essential for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The tool's architecture encompasses two tables in "Airtable", one containing houses (both sold and for sale), and the other storing recommendations. At present, the developers are wondering about the potential architectural approaches and the efficiency of their existing structure. Issues mentioned during the meeting include challenges around table functionality, especially with selection actions. Despite the difficulties, it was acknowledged that development appears to be proceeding well. It was also advised that space should be allowed for unexpected issues and that rapid building should continue to identify and solve complications. Creating a Loom video was proposed to facilitate workflow discussion and allow focused attention on complex parts of the project. The successful handling of these complex aspects would likely be critical in maintaining the tool's rapid progress towards its MVP. Major participants of the meeting or stakeholders referred to as State Changers. Little mention of the other key terms, such as "Xano", "WeWeb", "FlutterFlow", etc., occurred during the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 5/17 PM )

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