Developing a Sports Betting App Using FlutterFlow: Overcoming Data Wrangling Challenges and Improving User Interface

In this meeting, the State Changer discussed developing a sports betting app that can filter down activities based on different sports such as NBA, NHL, NFL, etc. They demonstrated their current setup involving binds with children and API calls. However, the team experienced some problems with this setup, particularly with data wrangling on the front-end with FlutterFlow, leading to system crashes as the app incorrectly identifies multiple instances of the same sport on the same day.

Instead, the suggestion was made to have an API endpoint that returns a list of sport competition names for the day. This data can then be used to determine a second endpoint, which will be a list of sport events for the day based on the selected sport. This approach would eliminate the need for front-end data wrangling in FlutterFlow. A question was then raised regarding the application giving a visual element, such as an icon, next to the sport type for better user experience. The solution to this included having each object return a URL for the relevant sport's icon. The meeting concluded with the acknowledgement of the participants' contributions, and the team shared plans for further discussions next day and over the next week. The need for forum participation and the benefits of creating looms (video recordings) for faster and efficient solutions were also mentioned. Keywords mentioned: FlutterFlow, API, data wrangling, and user-experience.

(Source: Office Hours 2/23 )

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