Developing Airbnb Integration with Xano: Discussion on ICS File Creation and API Approach

The State Changers meeting focused on implementing an API-based solution for integrating an ICS file (an iCalendar file that contains calendar event details) from Sign On to Airbnb. The State Changers discussed the idea of creating a dynamic webhook endpoint that Airbnb could use to periodically pull availability changes.

Key topics mentioned included "Xano", and the idea of using "API" calls to automate this process. One participant explains the ICS file would act similarly to an API call to Airbnb in the background. The discussion also touched on potentially using caching to speed up the process if the system experiences heavy usage. It was pointed out that each property would need a unique ID, and there would need to be text manipulation to get the information into the correct format. The potential use of Lambda functions was mentioned, and the concept of the dynamic path was described in association with Xano to implement these changes. This meeting summary would be of interest to people working on integrating iCalendar files with APIs, those interested in automation with Xano, and professionals looking for solutions to handle large volumes of requests in a system.

(Source: Office Hours 4/12 )

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