Developing an Affiliate Marketing Platform with Aggregated Data and Sorting Affiliates by Overlapping Niches and Conversions

In this meeting, the person is trying to create an affiliate marketing platform and needs help with aggregating data. They want to create a list of affiliates and show the niches that overlap with the user's niches. They also want to order the affiliates by the total conversions they have had. The team discusses using custom queries and data manipulation to achieve this. They determine that they need to sort the list of affiliates based on the number of overlapping niches and keywords. They also discuss the possibility of showing affiliates even if there are no overlapping keywords. The team suggests creating a variable for niche overlap, using the array_intersect function, and adding filters for counting and sorting. They recommend creating a loom video to showcase progress and further discuss the solution in future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 3/20 )

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