Developing an Automated Push Notification System for Flutterflow via Firebase and Xano

The State Changers had a discussion about creating an automated push notification system for Flutterflow. Specifically, the issue was on understanding Firebase's documentation and identifying the necessary techniques to build this feature. The discussion revolved around the utilization of the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) token, requiring user authorization and the monitoring of device changes. Emphasized was the integration of Firebase with Xano in order to store tokens and automate functions. They also highlighted the need for an auth token from Google every time a message is sent out. They discussed finding and understanding Firebase's API documentation to aid in making API requests and creating functions. The idea was to retrieve the user's FCM token and send it to Xano via an API request, then using this token to send notifications. The participants agreed to delve deeper and navigate through it in a subsequent discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 10/3/2023 )

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