Developing an Automated Sports Stats Analysis Function using Xano and API feeds

This meeting was a problem-solving session between the State Changers, discussing the development challenges of a sports statistics app. The team primarily used Xano to handle the back-end processing and interacted with an API to fetch player and game data. A significant part of the discussion was dedicated to troubleshooting Xano’s function implementation, showing a live demonstration of fetching specific player’s data, iterating over their statistics and calculating their total score per game by manipulating data through nested loops.

The major keywords mentioned were Xano and API. The team faced problems with getting the data from the ‘PCS Query’, a possible issue being absence of statistical data. The team also focused on creating an algorithm to handle all the calculations dynamically throughout the game, with the intent to create an object incorporating the player's performance path and game weighting. The end goal was for these objects to update in real-time during the game. This meeting might be useful for developers working on real-time sports statistics applications, those seeking to troubleshoot Xano functions, or those interested in handling complex data manipulations in a live sports context.

(Source: Office Hours 9/8 )

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