Developing and Debugging Property Arrays for User Collections in Xano

The meeting was mainly focused on solving a coding issue regarding user data fetching from "Sano". State Changer "James" wanted to fetch all the properties of a user from multiple collections and organize them into a single array. The properties were initially organized into different collections instead of a direct relation to a user. After multiple iterations and tweaks in the code, they were finally able to achieve the desired result. They used "Sano" to manage the API calls, utilizing the 'for each' loop concept which allows multiple data to be modified in a specific way before returned to the client or user. The State Changer referred to using tools such as 'query all records', 'for each loop', 'array manipulation', 'stop and debug' functionalities in "Sano" to solve the problem. Finally, they discussed improving the "Sano" interface by including a search bar to filter through data. The meeting concluded with an intention to discuss creating a database for a booking system on another day.

(Source: Office Hours 10/24 )

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