Developing and Streamlining API Calls for Booking System

The State Changers meeting primarily revolved around refining API calls for their project. They discussed a 'get' API call that was initially split into two calls, one for full weeks and another for half weeks. After reconsideration, it was suggested that they could combine these into one API call with parameters to specify whether the booking is for a full week or half week.

The discussion also covered the creation of a 'post' API call. This part of the process was considered complex as it required getting a specific record of availability before booking, to check availability and determine whether the user would be placed on a wait-list. The solution was to create an if-else conditional. The meeting ended with a satisfactory note with participants expressing some progress with the tool and the anticipation of future discussions. The prevailing model was to 'run a mile', check in for a few minutes, and then push forward. The representative technologies or methods discussed included API calls, conditionals, record fetching, and booking functionalities; however, no specific technology keywords from the provided list were mentioned.

(Source: Office Hours 10/26 )

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