Developing Dashboard Logic: Optimal Approach for Managing Data and Custom Functions in Flutterflow

The State Changers meeting primarily centered around evaluating a dashboard built using the "Make" integration. The conversation focused on strategies to handle calculations required for the dashboard and whether to store these calculations in the backend or handle them right within the code.

The discussion pointed out that executing basic math functions during a page load is not a drain on computational resources. It was considered that choosing between front-end and backend is dependent on one's comfort level. If one is comfortable with Dart, it's recommended to choose front-end while JavaScript is more suitable for backend. The participant further shared their success using OpenAI Codecs for defining the math functions. Replit, a service that allows testing code in various languages including Dart, was also recommended for an easier debugging process. Key Topics and Tools discussed: Make integration, JavaScipt, OpenAI Codecs, Dart, Replit. The meeting is beneficial for those grappling with decisions around storing calculations and using tooling to effectively handle mathematics functions for a dashboard.

(Source: Office Hours 2/27 )

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