Developing Efficient Search and Navigation Strategies in Project Xano

This meeting involves a detailed discussion between State Changers about an ongoing project related to paginations on a webpage powered by Xano. The team is addressing the complexities around a horizontal navigation slider and displaying large amounts of data in a digestible manner.

The idea is to create buttons that help users navigate between pages in a more efficient way than a simple 'next' button. The developers want to make the search and navigation process more user-friendly, particularly considering mobile device usage where the precision of pointers is less than on a desktop. A significant issue mentioned during the meeting was the mix and match of local and global variables in the JavaScript code. One context in question was the 'a new page' variable which changes in different contexts causing inconsistent behavior. The team contemplated ways to clean this by either deciding to make it global or keeping it local. Another aspect discussed includes maintaining the state of the current page. This involves how JavaScript ensures the right search parameters and page data are passed to Xano for the correct API call. Lastly, the process to assign click events to the navigation buttons was explored. This would involve updating the 'a new page' variable to correct the page number and load the new page. This was seen as furthering the aim of making navigation more efficient for users. This meeting is crucial for people interested in complex JavaScript page navigation, particularly those that use Xano, grappling with issues around local and global variables, and working towards proficient UI/UX.

(Source: Office Hours 11/15 )

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