Developing Mobile Application with Bravo Studio for Influencer-Restaurant Collaborations and CSS Problem-solving Strategies

In this meeting, the State Changers focused on addressing development issues related to a mobile application and modifying and hosting code on GitHub gist. One of the participants discussed the development of a mobile application with Bravo Studio that helps to streamline collaboration between local influencers and restaurants by enabling spot bookings and tracking social media activities.

Another participant presented a challenge they were facing with CSS code modification and hosting. A suggestion was made to utilize GitHub Gist for hosting the CSS file. A step-by-step guide was provided on how to create a gist on GitHub and use the raw link of the gist to host the code. By hosting the code on GitHub gist, the participant can avoid repeatedly copying code into Webflow, and instead, directly link the hosted code. Key tools mentioned during this meeting include GitHub, Webflow, and Bravo Studio. The meeting focused heavily on practical solutions to coding challenges, making it a good fit for developers or individuals interested in web and app development solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 12/6 )

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