Developing the User Experience for a Fitness App: Handling Exercise Sets and Sequencing in Bravo and Xano

The State Changers met and discussed a problem concerning a fitness app they are currently developing using Bravo for front-end and Xano for back-end work. The main point of the meeting was implementing a system where when a user adds a set of a specific exercise, the system needs to know if there are already sets for it. If no, this set becomes number one. But if there are existing sets, this new set needs to be the last one, or the highest one plus one. This was proving challenging to the team, especially with new sets being inaccurately marked as zero instead of one.

The team decided to implement sorting and paging in the Xano query to solve this problem. They resolved to return a single result, the highest one, whenever the set query is done. This result was sorted in descending order to ensure the highest number is returned first. They also decided to check if the returned array is empty and used that for the condition on adding a set with integer one. The team successfully tested the implementation using different exercise numbers and confirmed that the system added new sets following the correct numbering scheme. The meeting was very informative and highlighted the effective use of sorting and branching based on empty results in Xano. It concluded on a positive note with the participants appreciating the progress made during the session. The people looking for solutions on using Bravo and Xano to develop apps with controlled numbering based on existing entries would find this meeting quite useful. Also, those seeking understanding on how to handle empty results, conditionals, using integers, and overall operation of Xano would greatly benefit from viewing this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 4/17 Evening )

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