Developing User Editable Iframe for Spotify Using JavaScript and WeWeb

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed the implementation of JavaScript in a WeWeb app utilizing a Spotify Iframe originally from a Bubble app. The main task was to make the hyperlinks user-editable. To accomplish this task, JavaScript and regex were used. A key part of this implementation was the extraction of the path from a URL, performed using an inherent feature in JavaScript known as the URL class.

The participants also made use of variables within their WeWeb app to update the hyperlink whenever it changed. It was acknowledged that the initial solution generated a URL with an unwanted leading slash. The solution to this problem was handled either by accommodating the slash in the HTML builder or using JavaScript's substring function to exclude it when returning the string. The meeting ended with the successful implementation of the functionality. Therefore, the discussion can be a valuable resource for those working on similar tasks or needing insight into handling URL pathnames and substrings in Javascript. The meeting also showcased effective problem solving and debugging techniques applicable to JavaScript development.

(Source: Office Hours 7/6/23 )

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