Developing User Interface for Primary Account Selection and Token Renewal Check Updates in Xano

The State Changers meeting discussed how to manage user input and maintain databases with integrated tools such as Xano and Bravo. The key problems discussed were user identification of primary accounts and maintaining token renewal checks for different banks.

The State Changers first talked about creating an effective process to allow users to mark a specific account as their primary account. This is intended to be managed with a button associated with elements that drives a post into the back end, which includes the ID of the chosen account. It was suggested that this process should avoid being based on the position in an array as this would create vulnerability if the array order changes. For the token renewal check issue, the State Changer cited an issue in updating refresh tokens after a protocol stitch for all items related to a specific bank. A possible workaround suggested was to edit database records based on an ID obtained from a two-step process. First, query all records to find the ID of the record, then utilize this ID for the editing process. This would ensure that the specific tables of interest related to the user and the bank were indeed edited. They concluded to work on these concepts and circle back if further discussions were needed.

(Source: Office Hours 1/11 )

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