Developing User Payment Processing and Authentication using Xano and Javascript

The State Changers meeting focused on troubleshooting a user flow involving a specifically designed payment system through the Xano API. The main goal of the discussion was to create a flow where, after clicking a button, the user navigates to a payment page and interacts with an API embed. The system would then validate user registration, verification, and location, which is implemented using Javascript. An API call is also made to check the customer's background. Following these checks, a web session launches for the user and once the transaction is finished, a notification is displayed outside the embed.

One of the main issues discussed was a persistent 'loading' tag during the web session, which was resolved through a minor code adjustment. The discussion also led to insights into two approaches for creating the system: one with a traditional computer programming methodology, using code-related processes, and a more 'no-code' approach. The attendants also pondered on methods of transmitting geolocation information between pages, suggesting the use of local storage or back-end storage as viable options. This meeting is beneficial for those seeking to understand user-flow creation, particularly involving complex checks, API interaction, Javascript, and using a platform like Xano for development. Additional takeaways include insights into transmitting data between pages and the advantages of understanding business processes flow, apart from merely coding aspects.

(Source: Office Hours 2/23 )

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