Development and Optimization of Dynamic Sports Display Application

The meeting between the State Changers centered around discussing the development of a sports-centered mobile application, built with FlutterFlow. One of the significant challenges was dynamically displaying sports buttons based on the daily sporting event schedule.

Freedom of dynamic visibility was discussed, with two primary solutions: the first involves hard coding visibility. The second, and more favored, is using API calls to fetch available sports games during the day, thus driving dynamic visibility. The data sourced from the back end would determine the frontend's button display. This requires no prior knowledge of the potential sports events. This approach would also cater to the application's performance, as data would only load as requested by the user. Further, for segregating sports data effectively, the meeting deliberated on using two API calls; one to get a list of sports scheduled for the day and another invoked by clicking on a sport button to retrieve a list of specific sporting events for that day. Interactivity in list view and introducing a page variable to communicate between daily sports and sporting events was also proposed. This communication would be essential for triggering an automatic redraw based on the selected sport genre. Performance was a recurring topic, with finite scroll being advised over infinite scroll for better usability and optimization, particularly when navigating to player rosters details. Overall, the meeting focused on API usage for dynamic visibility, variable communication for interactivity, data structuring, and UI optimization for a FlutterFlow-based sports application.

(Source: Office Hours 2/20 )

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