Devising Solutions to HTML and CSS Interaction Problems Using JavaScript and Webflow

The State Changers discussed an issue regarding embedding a responsive resume component into their client's CMS. They addressed a problem where a hover interaction wasn't working as expected. The problem seemed to be initiating from display flex and opacity, and difficulties arose due to these being set at the same time. The fade in and fade out for the interaction was explored using JQuery versus Webflow, however, the issue brought up was the simultaneity of operations conducted via JavaScript, causing a rendering complexity in the browser. The meeting ended without a perfect solution, but a plan was scheduled to use Promise, a JavaScript function dealing with asynchronous operations, to potentially solve the problem in the next meeting. Notably, the following tools and languages were discussed: Webflow, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery. Keywords mentioned in the conversation include "fade in", "fade out", and "set timeout".

(Source: Office Hours 7/25/23 )

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