Diagnosing Authorization Issues in Xano and Bubble Workflow Execution

The State Changers meeting was primarily focused around solving an issue with the implementation of a custom workflow. The State Changers appeared to be using Bubble, a visual programming language, for their project. They found that API calls made from the workflow were being sent with empty headers, despite the headers being set correctly within the code.

They spent a significant portion of the meeting troubleshooting, trying out different steps such as modifying the authorisation bearer, changing the source of the token, and using a different API connector. However, these attempts did not prove successful in addressing the issue. The problem seemed to stem from dynamic data not being properly transmitted. They discovered a potential workaround by directly using the token from a Zano sign-in response in the subsequent API calls, but it wasn't a practical solution as it means having to authorize the user every time a call is made, which they wanted to avoid. It was noted by the State Changers that this error message and the problems they were encountering might be an inherent issue from Bubble's site. They decided to continue with the troubleshooting post the meeting and consider contacting support for help. Also, they discussed sharing their findings with the developer group for others who may be struggling with similar issues.

(Source: Office Hours 7/26/23 )

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