Diagnostics and Solutions for Access Token Retrieval in WeWeb and Xano Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers were working to diagnose issues with an integration process involving WeWeb and Outseta. The focus was to manage user authentication and evoke an event upon successful login.

The participants faced challenges with authToken flashing briefly and disappearing. Furthermore, they were unable to get proper control over accessToken. Therefore, the webpage was redirecting without providing the much-needed access token. The group tried several troubleshooting methods such as manipulating a demo token through the WeWeb editor and creating a popup alert to seize accessToken using a custom JavaScript. They noted that on inputting a username and password, the redirect was not as expected. Despite these challenges, they discerned that Outseta was operational, and the issue more likely stemmed from a conflict with WeWeb. They concluded that the valuable initial step would be to simplify the process, create a new, basic WeWeb project, and add the Outseta functionality to it. This would help them isolate the problem and facilitate their understanding of the interaction between the two platforms. Finally, they planned to redeem the Outseta token for a Xano token, save it locally, to enhance the integration. The keywords mentioned in the discussion were "WeWeb", "Outseta", and "Xano".

(Source: Office Hours 7/5/2023 )

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