Dilemmas and Workarounds in Using FlutterFlow and Xano for Image Upload Processes

The state changers in this meeting discussed how to use Flutterflow and Xano for uploading images to webhooks. They encountered a problem with the Xano community and attempted to live debug based on a screenshot of the error. The Xano platform may have been having issues with the way the data was being uploaded, which may not be quite standards encoded.

A workaround was suggested, using make.com to host a webhook, which can then send the data to Xano. A problem arose when the state changer's Flutterflow account was downgraded from Pro to Free, which might restrict the user's ability to upload. The state changer was encouraged to try this workaround until a direct solution was found. Technologies discussed during the meeting included Xano, Flutterflow, make.com, Zano, and Google Drive for image storage. This meeting could be useful for developers who are interested in using webhooks and need to understand how to debug issues related to it.

(Source: Office Hours 1/10 )

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