Discussing and Resolving Quiz Score Analysis Issues in Zano

During this meeting, the concept of data manipulation was heavily discussed by the State Changers. The meeting primarily focused on handling database records, specifically in the context of quiz scores.

The main points covered were: - Creating an accumulator as an empty object to sequentially collect and store data from individual objects in an array. - Implementing a for each loop to iterate over the array of scores. This would help get specific values (quiz ID and score) from each object in the array and place them in the accumulator. - Sorting data returned from a database query by the quiz ID, to ensure scores correspond correctly to quizzes. - Extracting specific key-value pairs through the use of 'get' functions (keys, values, entries). This discussion offers insight into the process of transforming and preparing data to fit a specific structure. This is critically beneficial when the front-end demands a particular data shape, such as charts requiring parallel arrays in some instances. Various tools like 'Zano', quiz scores, stop and debug, and data manipulation functions were utilized throughout the discussion. The State Changers also provided suggestions on how to handle sorting issues and how to efficiently map and reduce data to achieve the desired shape or form. This meeting could be valuable to those who are working with databases, handling complex data structures, and designing applications that need to display data in specific formats.

(Source: Office Hours 7/18 )

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