Discussing and Troubleshooting Performance of 'Indices' and 'Evals' in Xano

In the meeting of State Changers, discussion was mainly revolved around an issue that the participant was facing in relation to indexing and dealing with certain variables. The tools mentioned from the keyword list were Xano. The focus was on testing the output of a specific code related to search fields and evals (evaluation parameters). The issue seemed to be concerning the non-visibility of 'code' in the output despite it being a part of the input parameters. They tried modifying and experimenting with variables like 'code', 'distance', and 'search rank'. They also discussed creating and tweaking an eval pointing towards geographical points. In one of the tables, the search worked perfectly, however, in the other it was not effective. The issue remained unresolved and the consensus was to reach out to the support team of Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 11/17 PM )

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