Discussing API Integration and Database Management in Bubble using Xano

The State Changers focused their discussion on a technical issue related to the interaction between Bubble and Xano. The key issue was that changes made to the database in Xano, such as deletions and additions, were not instantly reflected in Bubble without a manual refresh.

The proposal of an innovative solution was a major takeaway from the meeting. The idea was to introduce a date parameter in the URL that could trigger Bubble to fetch the updated data from Xano whenever a change has been made. Participants walked through the Bubble setup, discussing the process of fetching data, and how to create workflows that update the state variable. They speculated that possibly, Bubble's occasional bugs could be causing issues with their current setup, though the main focus was on how to develop an effective solution. Participants sought practical advice to implement their strategies more effectively. The group displayed problem-solving engagement in tackling challenges related to Bubble, Xano, and the interconnectivity between database and UI components. The recurring technical terms covered in the discussion included Bubble, Xano, Get request, Repeating Group, API Connector, and URL parameters.

(Source: Office Hours 9/19 )

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