Discussing App Development Challenges and Solutions with FlutterFlow and APIs

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss developing an app using FlutterFlow that involves interacting with APIs for player rosters in sports events. They run into a problem when the image referenced in the API fails to display, appearing instead as a red 'x'. Through troubleshooting, they reason that this issue might be due to the list view double referencing and suggest breaking down the child element inside the list, which they refer to as 'rosters'.

They walk through the steps of adjusting the image layout and also trying to hard code an image URL for testing purposes. But these tactics also fail to display the image. As the meeting concludes, they agree that there may be a layout problem that needs to be solved first before trying to link the correct image through data. Future actions include more testing and adjustments on the front end to solve the layout problem and display the image correctly. Throughout the meeting, there are many terminologies connected to application development which were mentioned, including; FlutterFlow, list view, JSON, API, and variables. Several tools used or contemplated during the problem-solving process include MacOS and Figma.

(Source: Office Hours 3/23 )

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