Discussing App Development: Debugging API and Integrating User Profile Elements on Adalo

The State Changers meeting focused on solving a specific issue in an app being built, particularly revolving around conversation functionality. In the app, the goal was to return a list of conversations where a particular user (in this example, User 166) is either the starting user or the other user. Additional data, such as the profile picture of the other user in the conversation, was also required. However, an issue was encountered since the linking of the user ID with the ID using add-ons didn't seem straightforward.

The meeting participants went through the coding process to troubleshoot and solve the issue using a logic of looping through different objects, updating variables, and setting paths. They utilized 'if' conditional statements, created and updated variables within those conditions to identify the other user in a conversation, and implemented a 'get record' query to retrieve necessary data like the profile picture. Code debugging methods were used throughout the process to check the accuracy of the logic and data retrieved. This process involved creating visual feedback, stopping at different points in the code, checking the state of variables, and amending and testing again. This meeting is particularly relevant for those working with Adalo and would like to understand the logic behind user conversations, linking user IDs with IDs, and working with add-ons. It's also beneficial for those interested in problem-solving tactics for app development, especially in the case of troubleshooting and debugging code.

(Source: Office Hours 9/1/2023 )

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