Discussing Array Manipulation and Exploring Javascript Functions in Xano

The State Changers' meeting discussed the complexities of manipulating data and coding, specifically focusing on array manipulation in Xano. The conversation was about how to 'unset' unnecessary data (UUID, new issue, and instrument) and retain pertinent information (names, etc.) for effective processing.

The primary issue revolved around using the 'update variable and map filter' function to 'unset', rather than resorting to a Lambda function. With a step-by-step explanation, the state-changer participants understood the function manipulation using a map filter, an instantaneously instantiated function expression (IFFE), and 'destructuring'. Python functions 'destructuring' and 'spread operators' were discussed in-depth to explain the process of extracting, spreading, and returning relevant data. These functions allowed the data filter to explicitly define functions, evaluate and run codes, and return necessary data only. The new learning from the meeting was the clear usage of IIFE that helps in invoking a function instantaneously. This was used to circumvent the limitations of Xano's functions. The participants also expressed a desire for understanding JavaScript for low coding and decided to discuss this in future meetings. The meeting was marked by openness, empathetic conversation about personal challenges, and ensuring inclusive and flexible participation.

(Source: Office Hours 7/28/2023 )

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