Discussing Branch Management and Schema Generation in Xano

This meeting among the State Changers focused on discussing the intricacies of using branches within Xano.

Key insights from this meeting include the following: - The participants elaborated on the functionality of branches in Xano, noting that branches are for code changes and not for the database. They clarified that changes made to a branch wouldn't affect the primary database, reducing any potential confusion. - The discussion highlighted the concept of having multiple data sources tied with different branches, which can be used for testing new modules before they're committed to the live production system. However, a reminder was made that a change made in the database (for example, adding a column) would affect all versions of the database. - Issues related to testing on production data were brought up, with the participants cautioning about the risks of accidentally modifying or deleting important data when they were actually pretending to work with test data. - An incident of accidental data deletion that happened recently to one of the colleagues was shared as a reminder of these risks. - Towards the end of the meeting, the discussion turned to the possibility of creating a schema through the metadata API as an endpoint function. A participant mentioned that they had already developed such a function and that it was highly requested by other members of the Xano community. Future plans involve the participant validating their endpoint function and presenting it to the group in another session. The meeting concluded with promises to reconvene at future office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 10/16/2023 )

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