Discussing Challenges and Enhancements in Using Xano and Wiz for Web Development

The State Changers discussed various frustrations with learning and implementing no-code tools like Xano and Wiz. They acknowledged the complexity of these tools, given their extensive capabilities, and the common issue of inadequate video tutorials. The participants discussed challenges specific to newer platforms like Wiz, including sparse documentation and confusing user interface issues. The discussion often centred on Xano and Wiz, with comparisons to matured tools like Bubble.

In addition, the concept of different learning styles was touched upon, and the State Changers offered strategies for dealing with the limitations and challenges inherent in learning and using these platforms. These included developing personal naming conventions to mitigate organizational issues, understanding the product development cycle and the realities of working with newer products, and understanding code execution order to troubleshoot script implementation. A real frustration came to light with dyslexic users, and the discussion also opened up to the need for accessible and inclusive tutorials or documentation for efficiency. Mention of any detailed JavaScript or TypeScript discussions was missing in this particular meeting. Suggestions of the products like DraftBit, Comnoco, Outseta, AppGyver, and AppSheet didn't occur either. Towards the end of the meeting, the State Changers briefly explored debugging a specific issue in Wiz that was preventing expected behavior and brought up the idea of seeking additional help during 'office hours.' One of the participants had a significant client project using these tools and appreciated the collaborative nature of the State Changer community.

(Source: Office Hours 12/15 )

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