Discussing Challenges and Solutions for Setting up Push Notifications Using Xano, Ably, and FlutterFlow

The State Changers meeting primarily discussed the complexity of building push notifications using the services Zano, Ably, and Flutterflow. One participant sought guidance on this topic, focusing on challenges like setting up channel IDs and conducting tests without comprehensive documentation.

Key dilemmas centered on the disconnect between Zano and Flutterflow's functionalities, as both weren't designed to work together, and the necessity of involving Ably as an intermediary, despite it not having an apparent integration with Flutterflow. The State Changers explored the potential of using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to bridge this gap but acknowledged its inherent complexity. A course of action proposed was investigating Flutterflow's built-in support for FCM, and possibly dropping Ably for the moment. The meeting also emphasized how learning across multiple tools could reinforce understanding, even when facing difficulties, due to their overlapping conceptual ideas. However, the conversation acknowledged the significant scale of adding push notifications, advising a measured approach and manageable time allocation for exploring various solutions. Key terms highlighted in the conversation included Zano, Ably, Flutterflow, Firebase, FCM, verification codes via Twilio, channel IDs, and push notifications.

(Source: Office Hours 9/19 )

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