Discussing Code Debugging, Error Handling, and Webhook Integration with Zano

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed the development of a custom code for their system likely built with "Xano". The problem discussed was error handling for a form submission process on their user interface. Specifically, the system could not decipher if an error had occurred because it saw the submission of the form as the completion of its job, regardless of the validity of the submitted information.

Primarily, the system accepts data from the user, fills a form, and remits the data. An error on this frontend means it encountered issues in one of these processes. However, the validity of the submitted information determined at a later stage in the backend was not considered part of the error process. The solution proposed involved using webhooks sent back to Xano to update the user's database based on the information. A new 'holding page' was suggested to be created where updated database information would be returned indirectly. This new page would tell the user if their submission process was completed successfully or if additional information is needed. Furthermore, the State Changers also discussed how to extract and parse only necessary data from a large object containing multiple fields. Here, they showed how to use JSON decode to convert a JSON string format into an object for a more straightforward manipulation process. This meeting could be useful for developers working on error handling, user-experience enhancements, or struggling with similar challenges integrating the frontend and backend systems using tools like Xano. It could also provide insights to those struggling with data parsing, especially in the context of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

(Source: Office hours 2/21 )

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