Discussing Codium, Potential Copyright Issues with Copilot, and Benefits of Noodle's Integrated AI for Low Code Solutions

The State Changers meeting involved discussions around various development tools and platforms. One of the participants, Daniel, didn't come with an issue but contributed by sharing his knowledge and experience. He revealed that he found out about Codium through a Google Developer Expert in Dart and Flutter on Twitter. He highlighted a potential issue with Copilot - that it is trained on certain codes, which may lead to copyright problems.

Daniel also recommended Noodle for low code needs, praising its integrated AI's impressive performance within the editor. The AI allows creation of nodes in the code that you can easily insert where needed, offering more flexibility than other platforms like Flutterflow. The pitches made by Daniel were well-received by the other participants.

(Source: Office Hours 10/26/2023 )

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