Discussing CRM Tools Integration and APIs: A Deep Dive into Veriff, Stripe Identity, Zano, and Security Measures

In the meeting, State Changers discussed an identification system they are creating for mortgage approvals using various APIs and platforms. They utilised platforms like Xano to store verification session information and discussed using an API called Veriff and Stripe Identity. The team discussed the process of triggering a review in their CRM tool, gathering client information, initiating a verification session, and storing the information in Xano.

At the point when the client clicks on the URL to begin the verification, a callback URL is called for document approval status. The aim was to extract a certificate that confirms the verification and had to generate its own HMAX signature using the private API key. They struggled with this part due to unclear instructions in the API's documentation, hence, could not finish it. By using the SHA-256 feature available in the Xano platform, they were able to solve the issue by creating a function termed 'Verif Sine' to abstract the complexity and store a signature on their systems. They also established environmental variables to keep API keys secure and confidential, especially when shared with third-party contractors. The meeting ended with the State Changers deciding to independently test the function and then regroup for further assistance.

(Source: Office Hours 8/23 )

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