Discussing Data Comparison and Verification Approaches for API Results

In this meeting, the State Changers focused primarily on discussing the handling and comparison of data from multiple sources and defining workflows for property data validation. Key topics covered include the structuring of multiple database tables for separate APIs, the creation of a status tracking system, and the methodology for comparing overlapping data from different APIs. The primary data comparison scenario accounted for was when two APIs have matching data, suggesting reliable details, whereas mismatched data would require underwriting for validation.

The State Changers highlighted the importance of user authentication, with plans to work on this aspect being slated for the following week. They also contemplated on the "Buy Box" logic, which has yet to be tested and implemented. Moreover, the team scrutinized more efficient ways to compare overlapping data from different APIs without having to create another table. They suggested applying functional logic and storing the final decision in a database, which would differentiate the process from a Microsoft Excel setup. The team also grappled with the possibility of introducing manual checks for fields with mismatched data which could be indicated in a WeWeb interface for an underwriter to subsequently probe and provide a final decision. The State Changers discussed the idea of treating underwriters as a fourth data source, distinct from APIs calls to realtor and HouseCanary. This method would keep track of what the underwriters have verified, aiding in the final function that compares all the necessary fields. Finally, they acknowledged needing further discussions on which API obtained data can be explicitly trusted or needs manual checking, hence deciding on a subsequent meeting to resolve these issues. Applications mentioned include WeWeb, HouseCanary, and Realtor.

(Source: Office Hours 9/22 )

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