Discussing Data Grouping and Charting Techniques Using Xano and Retool

This State Changers meeting was a deep-dive into data grouping and creating charts, primarily using Xano and Retool. The meeting participants encountered a challenge with formatting an array of objects to be used in data visualization, and potential solutions were discussed in depth, including using JavaScript for data grouping and the various transforms available.

Suggestions included having Xano do the data grouping to save on coding and ensuring the accuracy of the used endpoints. The meeting also stressed the importance of correct data grouping and the problems that can occur when data isn't properly handled - this was especially pertinent when grouping by date sequences. A considerable part of the discussion revolved around transforming Xano's outputs to be used in Retool, adjusting the group by to create the desired outputs. The fine-tuning of data transformation in Retool led to improvements in how the chart was visualized. The meeting touched on the use of charting solutions for Webflow. Wizz and Chart.js were recommended for crafting sophisticated charts, although it was mentioned that they might require substantial coding. The team showed enthusiasm and a helpful attitude throughout the discussion, as they tackled charting obstacles and brainstormed potential charting solutions, potentially resulting in a new business idea of ChartGPT. The meeting concluded on a positive note, and the team agreed to continue working on these topics.

(Source: Office Hours 2/16 )

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