Discussing Data Management and Conversion in Xano and Bubble

In this State Changer meeting, the discussion revolved around data handling, data transfer, and manipulation using tools like Xano and Bubble. The key points discussed were:

1. The need to convert geographic addresses, which were in string format, into GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) for use in Xano. They considered using an external service for this conversion. 2. Discussion on how to upload and process data from a CSV file, especially regarding veterinary hospitals' data. 3. They explored how to deal with multiple records associated with a person or an entity, specifically using API calls instead of CSV uploads. 4. The session focused on understanding how to use JSON data types in API endpoints and how they can simplify the handling of varied input data types. 5. They also discussed handling arrays of data, by creating loops using 'for each' in data manipulation, and creating variables to store this data for use. 6. Mentioning the benefit of using Xano's Function Stack for data manipulation tasks, making it a possible alternative to Parabola. This comprehensive meeting could be particularly helpful for those looking to understand data handling and manipulation using Xano and Bubble, especially for handling geographic data, iterative tasks and dealing with multiple records.

(Source: Office Hours 1/2 )

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