Discussing Data Management and Function Usage in Xano

The meeting was a discussion among the State Changers, revolving around how to handle data updates and batch cleaning in Xano. For those with an Airtable background, the concepts and procedures in Xano might seem challenging. The conversation focuses on the transition of data fields from one form to another, for instance, from text fields to integers for the sake of calculations.

The State Changers discussed a step-by-step procedure to handle such a situation in Xano, which involves creating a new function in the library. One merely has to run debug for the API calls, which would create a function and make necessary changes in the database. This method makes the process of updating data less laborious as it only requires setting up the function once, which would then run through the entire database. It was also elaborated that these functions offer a significant advantage over API calls as they don’t have time limits; a fact which proves beneficial for handling background tasks. This conversation also hinted at how well the community functions, with member referrals bringing in fresh and quality contributors into the discussions. The ensuing dialogue seems optimistic about future progress and promotes the utilization of forums for resolving issues and putting forth ideas.

(Source: Office Hours 7/25 )

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